Jane Wong, Vice President


Jane joined Asante Hong Kong in October 2020, and in 2022 Jane was promoted to Vice President and splits her time between advising GPs on fundraises and distributing Asante’s global products to Asian LPs.

What do you enjoy most about working at Asante?

Asante is an incredible platform to work for, professionally and personally. We have a flat, tight-knit and familial culture where close collaboration and open discussions are key. Every day, I work with amazing teammates who are passionate about their work, hungry to learn and improve, and have a strong sense of belonging to the firm.

What are your three biggest learning points so far?

  1. Take ownership of what you do – Asante gives everyone, at every level, ample opportunities to lead. Make use of these opportunities to design, lead and push initiatives both on a deal-level, as well as on the wider firm-level.
  2. Proactively build relationships, not just externally but also within the firm. At Asante we are a global family, and you will be working closely with colleagues across our various global offices. It’s always more efficient to get things done when you have a personal relationship with someone, so be sure to spend time building rapport with colleagues from different offices, even if they’re several time zones away!
  3. Share in each other’s success – At Asante we win and lose as a team, so be sure to recognize the achievements and efforts of those that you work with. A team that trusts each other and shares in success is greater than the sum of its parts.

What would your advice be to someone joining Asante as an experienced hire?

While there is always going to be a learning curve if you are coming from another industry, don’t be afraid to speak up early on – everyone has unique strengths and experiences to bring to the table.  Make sure to capitalize on what (and who) you already know while broadening your knowledge and networks in the industry. Diverse opinions help us make better decisions as a firm and help us provide our clients with more holistic advice.

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