Robert Willard, Finance Manager


Rob joined Asante’s London office in 202 as the Finance Assistant before quickly rising through the ranks to become Management Accountant.

What do you enjoy most, working at Asante?

The fast-paced, dynamic nature of the industry, and the high standards we maintain to produce the best output possible.  There’s a real sense of getting stuck in and working hard for a shared goal.

What’s the most important thing you have learnt from working at Asante?

Slightly clichéd, but lateral thinking: in the finance team, the importance of being able to understand the detail of the business, balanced with being able to zoom out to understand the implications on the Group as a whole.

What would your advice be to anyone interested in joining Asante?

Go for it and apply. I think the people-focused culture that has been built over the last 10+ years is a great environment in which to work and develop. Be prepared to learn a lot; the satisfaction when it all falls into place, and you see everything come together is really rewarding.

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