Sean Conway, Analyst


What do you enjoy most working at Asante?

I work across both the primaries and secondaries teams and have had the opportunity to gain broad exposure across both departments. Between client interactions, financial modelling and material preparation, no two days are really the same here. The culture of the firm is a highlight, across the business people are approachable and I think that’s a core part of Asante’s values. The work I am involved in has value and I my contributions are welcomed.

What’s the most important thing you have learnt from working at Asante?

Asante has given me a brilliant understanding of the PE landscape, the state of the market and how GPs, LPs and the underlying portfolio companies interact.  Additionally, Asante has been a great place to learn the soft skills that are so important to succeed in the corporate world. The performance of our clients is not the sole factor that LPs look at when considering a commitment. Asante has shown me the importance of managing these relationships carefully and how each LP needs to be provided with a bespoke approach in order to ensure the best outcome for all parties.

What would your advice be to anyone interested in joining Asante?

Some key attributes that are important to convey your commitment to hard work, attention to detail and organisational skills. Additionally, I would encourage everyone to be confident and not to be afraid to speak up. We all want to work with intelligent and hardworking people, and it’s important to display your individuality.

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