Former KKR Dealmakers Strike Out To Set Up Own Shops

“It’s a pretty good fundraising environment,” Warren Hibbert, founder of advisory firm Asante Capital said. This is particularly true if you have a name like KKR on your résumé, Hibbert said. “There is a comfort factor in backing the people who come out of the big brand names. They have learnt from the best and now they are applying it to a white space.”


Ricardo Felix is Appointed Partner as Hong Kong Team Grows

We're excited to announce that Asante has recently appointed Ricardo Felix, Head of Asia-Pacific, to Partner.

Asante Capital congratulates its partner on the final closing of Harbert Infrastructure Fund VI (‘HIF VI’)

We are pleased to announce the final closing of Harbert Infrastructure Fund VI ( ‘HIF VI’) on September 30, 2022. HIF VI secured $905 million in fund and related co-investment commitments to invest in HIF VI’s portfolio of North American power and renewable energy opportunities. 

Private-Equity Firms Look to Foreign Cash as U.S. Pension Funds Struggle

One of our Managing Partners, Fraser van Rensburg, was quoted in a Wall Street Journal article by Chris Cumming about American private-equity firms collecting more money from abroad.