Our services

Tailored capital raising with a differentiated approach.

We fine tune each process to meet the exacting needs of both our clients and the market. We are sector agnostic and look to partner with teams of experienced and motivated individuals who embrace entrepreneurialism and have high quality and proven investment track records.

Primary fundraising

Primary fundraising forms the core of our business. Since inception we have raised over $27Bn of capital across 30+ funds. Our primary fundraising processes are designed with each individual client in mind and are constantly recalibrated throughout the fundraising cycle.

We will always seek to meet or exceed fundraising targets through:
  • End to end process management

  • Preparation of the full suite of fundraising materials – both primary and investor-specific

  • Collection and application of up to date investor intelligence

  • Global investor coverage delivering tailored, relevant investor targets

  • Provision of strategic marketing and advisory services

  • We have never failed to successfully close a primary fundraising mandate.

Secondary transactions

Our secondary team focus on engineering tailored solutions that provide both buyers and sellers with carefully calibrated liquidity options designed to create enhanced market efficiencies.

We advise on:
  • Manager led liquidity solutions

  • Tail end portfolios

  • Staple transactions

  • Aged primaries

  • Investor stakes

Direct transactions

We have successfully raised over $2Bn across 15+ direct investments since we established our directs transactions business in 2014.

We provide:
  • Creative capital raising and structuring solutions

  • Tailored advice beyond traditional fundraising

  • Targeted investor outreach

  • Innovative investor/sponsor alignment proposals

  • We have direct transactions deal teams located in both the UK and the US.

Performance without compromise

We have an exceptional team of capital raising specialists who are focused on constantly exceeding client expectations.

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